Book Your Luxurious Homestay in Nature’s Lap -Dehradun, Uttarakhand

The Bougainvillea homestay cottages in Dehradun are your quintessential “Connect to the Nature” holiday home experience. As guests, you can choose and book from a collection of three private holiday homes cottages in Dehradun. The Bougainvillea homestays are independent cottage properties where you can get full access to the property. Our homestays are ideal for individual and group getaways where you can also do a lot of interesting activities, we help you create memorable experiences whilst you reconnect with nature, yourself or your loved ones.

We're Different


Our aim is not to make profits, but to promote and encourage ecotourism and sustainable environmental practices.

Thank You
For Saving Environment

Every enquiry and booking of cottages in Dehradun for homestay through The Bougainvillea shows your support for ecotourism in Uttarakhand, India and the environmental initiatives that The Bougainvillea has undertaken.

Genuine Effort
minimise environmental impact.

We’ve done all the hard yards for you, so you can rest easy that any accommodation you select on The Bougainvillea ways is making a genuine effort to minimise its environmental impact.


We believe that all of us have an ethical responsibility to treat all guests and staff, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation with dignity, with fair wages and respect for worker’s rights.

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